Recognized as a SUPER DOCTOR  for 11 years.
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 Super Doctors Hall of Fame in Austin, TX

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For 11 years, Dr. Steven Fass has been endorsed by other physicians as a Super Doctor!

Dr. Fass is the first laparoscopic fellowship trained surgeon in Austin, Texas and today is still in the forefront of new medical procedures.

Awards. Certifications. Education.

Dell Medical School Award
Texas Medical Association
University of Utah
Southwestern Medical Center
Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence
American Board of Surgery
American College of Surgery
Super Doctors
Travis County Medical Society
American Medical Association
An entire series of firsts for an Austin Weight Loss Surgeon.

Personal Statement


Dr. Steven Fass

You’re not just a name on a surgeon’s list. I fight for your weight loss.


   Practicing surgeon in Austin, Texas since 2000
B.S., The University of Texas at Austin
MD, UT Southwestern Medical School
  University of Utah 5-year General Surgery Residency
  Cedars-Sinai Medical Center surgical training in Advanced Laparoscopy

Leader. Innovator.

Recognized for over 11 years as a Super Doctor by his Peer Physicians.
  Pioneer in the clinical trials of the lap band that led to FDA approval.
 First laparoscopic fellowship trained surgeon in Austin, Texas.

Personal Life

Dr. Fass's Family


Dr. Fass is married with two beautiful boys.


 Imagine you at your best.

“You have a reason for coming to see me. Let’s identify your expectations and concerns. The consideration of this surgery is about your needs. My role is to help you have a healthier, happier life.”   – Dr. Steven Fass

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Experience Truly Personalized Weight-Loss Surgery

Contact me and see why I deliver highly-personalized care.
I see you before, during, and after surgery.
I never turn you over to another physician. 

Your weight loss success is my total focus.
I’m fortunate to be honored for my dedication to my patients.
You are family to me.

Dr. Fass is skilled at using both conventional and advanced laparoscopic techniques including the daVinci Robot system. He is also a pioneer in gastric Lap Band surgery for the treatment of chronic obesity, having participated in the clinical trials that led to the procedure’s approval by the FDA. Dr. Fass has published numerous papers on advanced laparoscopic surgical techniques.

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Dr. Fass helped me transform my life. I have lost over 100 pounds. Life is good!
Bobby Patient
Weight Loss Surgery Before  Weight Loss Surgery After
Thank you Dr. Fass! You save lives. I am extremely grateful for you always being there for me.
Judy Patient
Before and After Surgery  Judy After Bariatric Surgery in Austin
I appreciate my life and health now more than ever. Thanks to Dr. Fass.
Susan Patient

Bariatric Surgery in Austin   Hilary After

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