5 Tips for Drinking More Water

November 17, 2015
Office of Dr. Steven Fass


Staying hydrated is key for maintaining an exercise routine and healthy lifestyle.  If you exercise everyday and eat fewer calories, it won’t matter unless you swap out your sugary coffees and colas for more water.  A healthy lifestyle must be complete to be effective.  Round out your days by waking up to a glass of water and falling asleep after finishing one, too.

Drinking the right amount of water everyday will help to control calories, keep your skin looking healthy and energize your muscles.  Your body–which is 60% water–works hard to replace two and a half expended quarts per day.  Help it out with these easy hydration tips!

5 Tips for Drinking More Water 

  1. Buy a large insulated tumbler or water bottle.  That’s right–treat yourself.  A bottle will make drinking water convenient and accessible.  Keep one at your office desk and one in your bedroom to remind you to drink all day long.
  2. Don’t treat yourself to a diet soda or juice until you’ve had two full glasses of water.  Accomplish this by drinking a glass with your breakfast and drinking one full water bottle when you first arrive at the office.
  3. Dress up your water with lemon, lime, cucumber or raspberry.  It will add a tiny bit of flavor to water and make it even more refreshing.
  4. Drink a large glass of water before and after your meals.  This keeps you full and hydrated longer.
  5. Have a decaffeinated cup of tea (try peppermint or chamomile) before bed to get that last glass of water in. This serves a double purpose: relax and get hydrated before sleeping for 6-8 hours.

You don’t need more money or more time to increase hydration.  With these simple tips, you can start right now. That’s right!  Grab the biggest cup in your cabinet and fill it to the top.  As you finish reading this post, enjoy your glass of ice cold water!

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